What is #MobileChat??


A Twitter chat about all things mobile

What is #MobileChat you may ask? It’s a Twitter chat about all things mobile! I took on the host and moderator role because of my love of cool tech, mobile innovations, apps and developments, and Twitter community.

#MobileChat was founded by Red e App and Patrick Goodman in 2012, with support from Shane O’Koon Shaps and Ryson Walden. I came across #MobileChat from participating in #MediaChat, which is another wonderful Twitterchat on all things social and online media. From the beginning, I loved the community and the guests, which ranged from mobile apps to development to strategists. All good things must come to an end, right? Due to the success of Red e App, Patrick and crew no longer were able to commit the time to #MobileChat and held the last one on July 15, 2015.

After #MobileChat had been off the Twitter airspace for some time, I found that the community was still there and found myself really missing the chat. There was an empty space on Wednesday evenings. The wheels in my brain started churning, and I reached out to Patrick and Shane to discuss my relaunching and continuing the chat. While no one owns a Twitter hashtag, they had become friends and it was the right thing to talk to them about it first. With their blessing and advice, #MobileChat is relaunched on January 13, 2016! #MobileChat 2.0, if you will. (Thanks to Ryson for coining that term!) Red e App, Patrick, and crew are no longer hosting, moderating, or affiliated with the chat. I do greatly appreciate their continued support!

To me, #MobileChat is not a “job” — it’s a role where I get to be of value in gathering a community to share info and insights about mobile tech and innovations, that can make a difference in our lives.

#MobileChat is on Twitter each Wednesday evening at 9pm ET/8pm CT/6pm PT. Join the conversation!

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